Archives for August 2013

This need not be

“If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen,” I read, from A Course in Miracles Chapter 4, IV. This Need Not Be. The big, blue book lay cracked open on my desk. How many times had I turned to it in pain and confusion and longing […]

Come fly with me

I rapped softly on his office door, magically hoping he might have taken a vacation, thereby allowing me to chalk up credit for effort while not actually having to engage with him again, even though I was learning, to my growing dismay (alright, horror), that there were no real vacations from true forgiveness. “Come in,” […]

Shark Week

In honor of the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week (that begins today), I’m posting the following excerpt from my new ACIM essay collection, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want—hope you enjoy! (I am on vacation the week of August 9th and will post again on August 19th.) “You always. You never. Why can’t you just? Do […]