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Together we dispel the darkness

I rapped gently on his office door. My imaginary inner teacher glanced up from his desk, smiling, and waved me inside. I dropped into the chair, cleared my throat. “Bless me Father for I have sinned,” I began, bowing my head and pressing my palms together. “I have a better idea.” “But I have a […]

Dust in the wind

“Have I mentioned I have a special hate relationship with wind?”  I asked, hitting the pause button on the remote. My imaginary inner teacher and I sat on the couch watching the weather report on the evening news, my little dog Kayleigh coiled in her bed with her ping-pong ball, snoring away before the gas […]

The egg that cracked

(Here’s another excerpt from my essay collection, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want. Hope you enjoy!) When my daughter was in kindergarten she won an award in our school district’s “Young Authors” competition for a picture book she wrote and illustrated entitled The Egg That Cracked. The story involved an egg fearful of cracking, of giving […]