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Wag more, bark less

 (Just back from a vacation with my family and posting this excerpt from my first essay collection, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness, about practicing the Course’s extraordinary forgiveness in ordinary life. Hope to get back to my more regular posting schedule soon.) My little dog Kayleigh spends a lot of time peering out our side glass door […]

Who you gonna call?

I was walking my dog and decided to check in with someone I regularly call whose approval I have secretly, unsuccessfully sought for decades. I interviewed her a while, reciting a rote script as disingenuous as the confession I used to make as a child. Inquiring about health and weather; movies seen, meals ingested. Until […]

He dropped dead

(Here’s an excerpt from my first collection of A Course in Miracles forgiveness essays, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness. :)) “He dropped dead,” said the stranger beside me at the local Japanese diner. He sat as if in prayer, leaning forward over the counter toward a woman who appeared to be the owner and clearly recognized him. […]