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Looking with Jesus: Now in 3-D

Taking a break from my usual posting to work on other projects including compiling and editing my upcoming essay collection, Forgiveness: the Key to Happiness.  In the meantime, hope you enjoy this excerpt from my most recent book, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want. I knelt on the floor and shot Kayleigh’s well-worn cloth piggy down […]

You Gotta Wear Shades

“I would just–for once in my life–like to have a little direct experience of God, is that too much to ask? A little preview of our Father’s Love, my real, capital S Self, eternal wholeness, boundless, all-inclusive creativity and all that …” I hesitated, considering my present company. “Jazz,” I said. My imaginary Jesus continued […]

A Conversation with Loral Reeves, Foundation for A Course in Miracles

Welcome to the first of my individual interviews with the staff that teaches the academy classes at the Foundation for A Course in Miracles in Temecula, California Rosemarie LoSasso, Loral Reeves, and Jeffrey Seibert have all worked closely with Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick for decades. Their devotion to Ken and Gloria’s work and […]