Archives for August 2011

Should Healing Be Repeated?

I had just discovered my little dog’s “accident” on the upstairs carpet and knelt on the floor with the stain remover and a damp cloth rubbing away. Kayleigh gazed on from a distance, hanging her guilty little head. I didn’t have to say anything. We had been here before and she knew only too well […]

Talking with Gary Renard

In The Disappearance of the Universe, bestselling author Gary Renard chronicles his extraordinary conversations with Arten and Pursah, two “ascended masters” who introduced him to the profound spiritual psychology A Course in Miracles. Eight years later, the book (along with his second book Your Immortal Reality) remains a portal to the Course for ever increasing […]

Shark Week

“You always. You never. Why can’t you just? Do you realize you?” I stood in my kitchen, futilely swatting at fruit flies with a pot holder, again replaying the recent accusations of a special relationship like a favorite song stuck in my head. Vaguely, increasingly, and uncomfortably aware that a part of me actually enjoyed […]