Miracle Share 2015 Virtual Conference

Register Today: (ACIM) Virtual Conference: October 16-18, 2015I will be speaking Friday, October 16th, at Miracle Share’s 2015 virtual conference, “Awakening Through the Workbook,” along with many other A Course in Miracles teachers speaking that weekend. Please join us by clicking here.

Ongoing RMMC ACIM class on Tuesday evenings

Exploring the Course’s Text through the Lens of Forgiveness

When:             Tuesdays, 7:00-8:45 p.m.

Where:             Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (RMMC)

Who:               Geared toward Course students committed to learning a better way of living in this world through sincere study and daily forgiveness practice. (Regular attendance is strongly encouraged for maximum, mind-healing benefits.)

Cost:                $10/class

Contact:          Susan Dugan,, 303-733-2085

In this class we consider the text, chronologically, from the beginning, through selected readings, occasionally augmented by complementary workbook lessons and/or selections from the Manual, pamphlets, and recordings by premier Course Teacher, Author, and Scholar Kenneth Wapnick.  All classes are firmly grounded in Ken’s transformative teachings and integrate the Course’s non-dualistic metaphysics with its unique forgiveness. 

The Course calls forgiveness “an earthly form of love,” the practice of learning to follow a new inner teacher closer than our next breath, “so close to us we cannot fail!” It undoes the unconscious, guilty belief in separation that fuels all conflict and pain, gradually leading us (as we open to it in true humility) to the welcome awareness of our eternally innocent, all-inclusively loving union. As we grow increasingly willing to make learning forgiveness the primary purpose of our days, we begin to hear, and learn to answer, our own call for love in our reactions to our troubled relationships. Eventually recognizing that everyone here shares the same buried guilt and fear we do, the same “need of every heart” to find their way Home. Through practice, our belief in separate interests in a seemingly endless dream of suffering begins to dissolve, leading to an experience of peace and unity beyond all worldly understanding.

A Course in Miracles student and teacher Susan Dugan, is the author of Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness, and, most recently, Forgiveness: The Key to Happiness, humorous, heartfelt books about juggling work, family, and A Course in Miracles’ extraordinary forgiveness in an ordinary life. A co-founder of the School for A Course in Miracles (formerly the School of Reason) at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, she practices, teaches, writes, and forgives in Denver, Colorado, and continues to blog about her ongoing journey and share Course teachings on her popular website: A devoted student of Kenneth Wapnick, PhD, Susan teaches to help heal her own mind about, well—everything–discovering, from moment to moment, that choosing the inner teacher of forgiveness yields peace that defies understanding and includes everyone and everything in its warm embrace.

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