Archives for December 2013

In loving memory of Ken Wapnick

My dear friends: Below is the announcement from the Foundation for A Course in Miracles about our beloved Teacher Ken Wapnick’s passing yesterday. Ken was the most beautiful, kind, generous-to-all person I have ever known. With deep sadness as well as infinite Love and gratitude for all he has  given us that lives on to […]

Home for the holidays

“RESPONSIBLY RAISED TURKEYS!” I sat in the parking lot in my little Subaru, staring up at the sign still standing outside the local Whole Foods store, although Thanksgiving had come and gone, along with the aforementioned politically correct fowl. Only a week ago, I had smiled at the irony of the sign’s message, the guilt […]

Rocking around the Christmas tree

(Here’s another excerpt from my latest collection of forgiveness essays, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want—happy holidays! :)) Last week we put up our Christmas tree, strung it with brand new LED lights, adorned it with ornaments, and watched, aghast, as it fell down. The little dog, thankfully spared, spun in mad circles. I stood a […]

Fear of redemption

I sat cross-legged on a cushioned chair in the darkened, candle-lit room of the little drop-in neighborhood meditation center I’ve begun frequenting, alone again with the vast depth of my resistance to doing what this Course says, the busyness of my robotically wandering mind. The bamboo-sheltered fountain gurgled. The white noise of an overhead fan […]