Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want … now available!

Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want

Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want by Susan Dugan

My new book, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want, is NOW available on! Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want takes up roughly where my last ACIM essay collection, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness, left off, and conveys my growing faith that no matter how wrenching, wild, or wacky the dream of our lives may appear, we always have a choice about which inner teacher we are looking and listening with: the ego, the part of our mind that believed the “tiny, mad idea” of separation from our source had real effects. Or the “right mind” that remembered to gently smile at the bizarre thought of it. Through day-to-day practice we learn that choosing the inner teacher of fear hurts, while choosing the inner teacher of kind forgiveness yields peace that defies understanding and includes everyone and everything in its warm embrace.

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