I want to want the peace of God

(I’ve been taking some time off to catch up and reflect over the holidays. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my book of essays, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want. Wishing you a 2015 filled with compassionate awareness of the ever-available choice to recognize and forgive ourselves for our addiction to special interests, thereby opening, in genuine humility, to an experience of true healing and peace, blessedly beyond our understanding.)

Crested Butte_20081231_133326As 2010 drew to a close, I found myself once more reviewing past resolutions, those cockeyed optimistic corrections for guilty behavior or the setting of more ambitious goals all based on atoning for the many ways I had fallen short during the prior year as the clock ticked down and the annual opportunity to weave a better dream presented itself.  Because once again; the dream–A Course in Miracles’ term for our so-called lives in this so-called world–had fallen short of the ego’s expectations. Circumstances in the world in general—from the economy to our failure to deal with the health care crisis, to tensions in the Middle East and U.S. House of Representatives to our continued inability to address and often even acknowledge the reality of climate change—continued to devolve. On a personal level, a number of last year’s earnest resolutions lay scattered like ribbons and wrappings from recently opened Christmas gifts, the promise of true fulfillment they concealed once more expired. More importantly, that state of inner peaceful equilibrium to which I will return when all my forgiveness lessons are complete remained elusive. I was still somewhere in the murky middle of this journey home to the one love we never truly left, and judging myself harshly for it.

I had once more retreated with family and friends to Crested Butte, Colorado, a remote idyllic ski town complete with Victorian storefronts, a summit endearingly reminiscent of Mount Crumpet in Dr. Zeus’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and a comforting blanket of flamboyant drifts of snow. It had been a year of hard work with few immediate rewards, rife with the bittersweet awareness that my in-house parenting days were numbered as my daughter completed her final high school year and applied to colleges, a year of aches and pains echoing past injuries that made it ever harder to deny as my generation still strives to the inevitable deterioration of the human body.

A perennial intermediate skier (versus the expert status of the rest of our party) and still not fully recovered from breaking a couple ribs prior to Thanksgiving, I knew I could count on some much needed solitude.  In the mad dash to the year’s finale I had been postponing the quality time with Jesus (that symbol of our one mind healed of the idea of separation from our source) I believed I had earned, knowing I would soon be largely left to my own devices. And yet, the very first morning as I headed for the single line at the base of the Red Lady lift I could not seem to summon his inner presence. As I attempted to ski heretofore easy blue runs, I reverted to amateurish maneuvers in my fear of falling and further injuring my still fragile torso. Preoccupied by self-preservation while frustrated by this latest evidence of investment in the body; I could not seem to summon the inner bff I had come to count on.

And yet, a part of me simply watched, detached, as the week wound on, a two-day blizzard made skiing for puny Susan impossible, the thermometer plunged and the streets iced up, the pads on the dog’s paws nearly froze, my sinus issues escalated into a full-blown infection, and we cooked and hung out and rang in the new. Although I wasn’t experiencing the special relationship with a visualized embodied Jesus my mind on ego craved, a part of me knew I remained within the quiet center of that all-encompassing love we shared. Although I kept summoning some kind of prolonged, mystical, holy instant—a kind of end-of-the-year bonus for the hard work of forgiveness–I gradually realized that a personal identity designed to defend against universal love could not really experience anything.  And I wondered if “looking with Jesus” really meant merely peering through the ongoing illusion of Susan and Jesus to the welcome truth of non-specific, mutual, and gently amused sanity.

In the end I experienced a heretofore unknown confidence that all was well despite the wildly fluctuating dream details and Susan’s inability to feel the love and peace of God in some Hallelujah Chorus kind of way. And I realized that nothing in a dream crafted to keep me mindless needs to occur for me to experience myself as the decision maker capable of recognizing the ego for the defense against the truth it is. Choosing to want the peace of God even as the ego continued to throw its hissy fit curve balls designed to prove the chaotic dream real.

…We want the peace of God. This is no idle wish. These words do not request another dream be given us. They do not ask for compromise, nor try to make another bargain in the hope that there may yet be one that can succeed where all the rest have failed. To mean these words acknowledges illusions are in vain, requesting the eternal in the place of shifting dreams which seem to change in what they offer but are one in nothingness. (From A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 185, paragraph 7.)

This year, I just can’t take it all—including my own resistance—as seriously. Which is not to say I still don’t want to take it seriously except in the holy instant in which I actively choose for the right mind, thereby activating the memory that it is all a dream from which I have already wakened, a certainty I will permanently embrace once my belief that specialness has anything left to offer finally dissolves in the light of forgiveness A Course in Miracles style. A vision of Jesus, a conversation with Jesus, a sense of holding my big brother’s hand, didn’t show up for me during this getaway. But a near constant awareness that I am the decision maker did. My certainty that the ego will appear to do what the ego will appear to do with or without my support did. And the knee-jerk impulse to join with all I would use to hurt my real self? Not so much.

Who knows, maybe I am slowly but surely growing up by doing the work of forgiveness day in and day out, looking with the part of my mind that can truly see at this internal state of fear and guilt I’ve chosen to see “out there” differently. Rather than asking to see this person’s behavior or this situation differently. The person and behavior and situation and body don’t, after all, exist, except in the dark recesses of a mind made mad by a thought of guilt over the impossible crime of separation from eternal wholeness.

Moving away from the understanding that I am forgiving what seems to have taken my peace to owning it as my unconscious choice to once more push God’s love away changes everything.  I honestly have no resolutions to offer this year except that I want to want the peace of God, and to remember that it is always there if I but continue to look with an inner Jesus whose presence I accept more and more as my own. Seriously!


Bruce Rawles and I reflect on the last section of A Course in Miracles text Chapter 15, Christmas as the End of Sacrifice, that urges us to make this year different by recommitting to choosing Jesus/Holy Spirit as our new inner teacher, thereby learning to apply forgiveness to everything we have made up to hurt us! http://www.acimblog.com/audio/ACIMblog-podcast/podcast2014/ACIMblog-podcast-18Dec2014-SusanDugan-ChristmasAsTheEndOfSacrifice.mp3

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  1. How timely at the moment (a few minutes into the ‘new year’) and helpful any time – to remember that “the annual opportunity to weave a better dream presented itself …for our so-called lives in this so-called world–had fallen short of the ego’s expectations” so that we can choose again to listen to the real alternative to our ego’s default insane, dreary blather. May we all mindfully choose against ego’s denial of truth more and more consistently! 🙂

  2. laurie gillies says:

    By George, I think you got it girl!!!! “My certainty that the ego will appear to do what the ego will appear to do with or without my support did”.

    Funny, we start the journey thinking it will look like what we imagine it will look like, only to find it is much more subtler than that.

    I’m not there yet, but I thank you for helping me to lower my (probably ego) expectations of what the ‘Peace of God’ will look like once I accept it. You (and Bruce) have been a tremendous help to me.

  3. Hi Laurie:

    Thanks for your generous response, Laurie! Yes, the way of the journey has no resemblance at all to the way we think it should go! I’m not there, either, but at least I’m learning to remember that I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING and I don’t have to keep pretending I do. There is real peace in that, when I choose to remember. Thank you for sharing the journey in remembering with me! 🙂

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