The unbearable heaviness of being

(Here’s another excerpt from my second A Course in Miracles essay collection, Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want.) The Friday before my daughter’s Spring Break we gathered to remember a 20-year-old college student who had been heading to California on holiday when her personal story abruptly and inexplicably ended. Rain turned to snow–and back again–as we […]

Electing to heal my mind about the world

I pulled into the local district police station, climbed out of my car, and walked the long way around the parking lot to the ballot drop-off box to cast my vote. Attempting to avoid what appeared to be a local newscaster apparently interviewing other early voters about the presidential election and no doubt one candidate’s […]

Fear not

Another Monday morning found me back at my desk, my little dog Kayleigh coiled in her bed at my feet, at last taking time from the accumulated “demands” of the past few days to contemplate the seeming tumultuous events of the past few weeks. Including a beach vacation in which I found myself wildly vacillating […]

He dropped dead

(Here’s an excerpt from my first collection of A Course in Miracles forgiveness essays, Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness. :)) “He dropped dead,” said the stranger beside me at the local Japanese diner. He sat as if in prayer, leaning forward over the counter toward a woman who appeared to be the owner and clearly recognized him. […]